About Us

I Am Smart Technology Designs, Manufactures and Markets the Patented Smart Switch™ Electrical Plugs, Sockets, Outlets, Detectors, Receptacles & More  

The Company’s mission is to protect all building structures and specifically homes and families, from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, through a new technology that shuts off the source of energy to offending appliances and other home equipment.

I Am Smart Technology, Inc. will be introducing this technology to virtually every homeowner, appliance manufacturer, commercial structure builder, fire department and security company worldwide. I Am Smart Technology, Inc. is confident its products will eventually become a national standard feature in building code regulation.

I Am Smart Technology, Inc. will expand the smoke detection, burglar alarm and fire-prevention industry with the accelerating acceptance of this key concept: Reducing the hazardous risks of fire from kitchen stoves, household appliances, clothes dryers, as well as, toxic levels of carbon monoxide, by cutting off the source of the power to the affected appliance!

  • The reality of needing something more than just sounding an alarm is established in this statement, regarding the study by the Alberta Canada Fire Commissioner’s Office: “Almost as many fire deaths occur in homes WITH smoke alarms as in homes WITHOUT.”  This study suggests that having a smoke alarm is not in itself enough to protect you and your family against the danger of fire in your home.
  • Mr. Michael Haynes invented the Smart Switch™-Electrical Plug/Outlet after his mother’s home almost burn to the ground due to a kitchen fire.  For the past many years, he has successfully brought the Smart Switch™ to its current and patented status, UL approval and for sale in the US and Canada.
  • I Am Smart Technology, Inc. has an agreement to market the Smart Switch™ in more than 400 stores for the country’s largest HVAC-R supplier, Johnston Supply.  Additionally, first round approval to sell the Smart Switch™ in Ace Hardware and Wall-Mart stores has been secured and negotiations to license the Smart Switch™ to General Electric is ongoing.  Mr. Haynes’ mother’s kitchen fire could potentially turn into a billion-dollar business.

Patented Smart Switch™ products have or soon shall have International Patent protection, UL Certification, International Building Code Council (ICC) approval and the Patent-in-Continuation Smart Switch™.  All Smart Switch™ products work in combination with all smoke/carbon-monoxide/water detectors/sensors once the alarm/light/signal has been activated.

The Smart Switch™ is inserted into the electrical plug-outlet, gas or water main (future generations of the Smart Switch™ shall include a battery back-up for loss of power or remote situations) and is programmed to shut-off the power/gas/water source supplied to the appliance, device, machine, instrument, outlet, sprocket, etc.  Note, the Smart Switch™ has a programmed timed delay operational feature accounting for a “false-alarm.”

The Smart Switch™ operation is intended to greatly reduce injuries, loss of life, pollution and property damage in homes, offices and in buildings around the world.   All Smart Switch™ products shall be equipped with Internet-Protocol (IP) to work in conjunction with and function each-way with the hand-held cell phone, iPad, etc.