Smart Switch™- Electrical Plug. (ICC) is limited in the initial Patent but is all inclusive in the 2nd Patent-Pending “Continuation-in-Part” design/application.

  • The Smart Switch™-Electrical Plug – Outlet” can detect, sense, hear audible sounds from smoke/Carbon-monoxide/water detectors and automatically turn off all electrical/gas/water mains connected to appliances plugged into it to include any electrical apparatus at any time.
  • “Smart Switch™-Electrical Plug – Outlet” can be operated via a hand-held device internet protocol (IP), cell phone, iPad, etc., allowing automatic shout-off and on operations when smoke/CO/water is detected from fire, smoke, and carbon-monoxide.

Smart Switch™ products will reduce the loss of injury, life, environmental pollution and property damage by shutting off the source of the power, gas or water to any and all attached appliances when smoke, water or toxic levels of carbon monoxide are detected.

  • The “Smart Switch™-Electrical Plug-Outlet” works with furnaces, stoves, cook-tops, microwaves, space heaters, clothes dryers, Christmas tree lights and small appliances, such as, hot plates, fans, curling irons and toasters all with the potential to create smoke prior to ignite and fire.
  • The “Smart Switch™-Electrical Plug-Outlet” offers common sense fire/smoke/water protection at the source!